Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Accountability, Patterns, Addictions,

Compulsions, Fears, Phobias, Health, Wealth, Well-being, Finance, Clarity, Weighing Options, Self-Development, Family Dynamics, Children, Love, Marriage, Vocation, Location, ETC.




Phone / Skype / Zoom


60 MINUTE READING, $100.00


Phone / Skype / Zoom / Video Recorded


The Gypsy Spread

commonly The Celtic Cross 

1 question/area



The Thirty-Five Card Spread

This is a detailed version of the  Gypsy Spread, this expands on the #10 card, the future explanation, and what will come to pass.



The Wish Spread 

This spread is used when you desire to know if a certain thing or condition will come to pass.  This is a 13 card spread



1 Question Email Consultation

This is a quick question option if you need an answer ASAP.



Phone / Skype / Zoom / Video Recorded / Written

Birthday Consultation

This is a card and astrology option - This breaks your year down into 10-time lines, and I will tell you in what areas of your life these things will be expressing themselves, as some years what you invest your time in may not be the most beneficial, we get ahead of that here.

$75.00 with no questions 

$100.00 if you have 1 or 2 specific areas

1 Year Consultation 

This is a card and astrology option - This is identical to the Birthday Consultation, with the exception of the start time.  This option starts from the time of your purchase and extends 12 months.

$75.00 with no questions 

$100.00 if you have 1 or 2 specific areas



60 Minutes - $120.00

Phone / Skype / Zoom

Tarot, Astrology as a Medicinal, Spiritual Life-Styling, and the Antiquities draw out what God has already given you, the abilities you already possess.  We shine a light on these so you can use them.  You have dreams -  God put in your heart, dreams meant only for you, gifts that only you possess.  Sometimes we need to rekindle hope, stoke the fire that shines Grace on those dreams.  “Through the Grace of God go I” right.  Your astrology chart is a plethora of knowledge as to how you work with discipline, accountability, how devoted you are, and to what, where, when, and how.  Do you have compassion for yourself, what kind, “IN-TO-ME-SE” INTIMACY STARTS AT HOME (WITHIN YOU, WITH AND FOR YOU).  What do your energetics look like, these all give light to what will work, and what will not.  Divine Design.  We get a solid sense of optimism, we hone the details of our life, we balance our emotional state, order our soul, and establish focus.  I’m not an advocate of the vision board prior to leveraging a stable foundation to springboard from.  Otherwise, we run up against the old adage “be careful what you wish for”    Trying to manifest a life that won't quite fit right.

 This is just an example of the many topics we can cover here, if this sounds like it applies to you, **please send me an email with a brief overview and any questions you may have.

If you have any questions please email me @ VENICEITALYTAROT@GMAIL.COM

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