"I'd rather be whole than good" - Carl Jung

Tarot is a tool used for self-discovery, and an effective divining tool because the cards evoke concepts, ideas, situations, the inner workings, that apply to daily life. 


The Trump's "secrets" are more vices and virtues, the broader alignment with the bigger pictures of life, morals, ethics, maturity, responsibilities.  When these show up in your reading, it is usually something you are aware of on some level.  There very rarely a total shock. They're usually where our self-undoing lives and breathes.

The Minors are symbols of life's most diverse periods; passions, desires, fears, ambitions, emotional stresses, compulsions, the list is endless but this is the main areas Tarot is used for.  Tarot is not a Fortune Telling tool, it more points out things for you that you may not see.  We have free will and our fate is not written in stone, I've seen people change their fate just by changing things they weren't even aware of after a reading.   Tarot is effective in pointing out patterns, compulsions, phobias, etc. working against you.  The tarot goes very deep which is why it is great for flushing out under the surface things.

The importance of a well thought out question - It does matter, so, try to get as specific as you can in your questions.  Before your reading, try to find some time to write them out, seeing them on paper helps to structure your questions.   Tarot is also great for weighing out things, jobs, careers, relationships, moves, endless possibilities.  We can often end up in the same relationships, jobs, living situations, etc. if we don't know we have patterns, tarot can get very clear with those.

Tarot holds no punches, it will tell you what you need to know.  I use my other tools also in most readings, playing cards are more clear cut, timing, and a different flavor, I will pull those if it is needed, and other cards, etc.

This is the general information as to what Tarot is used for, I get asked often, as it should be, so this page is dedicated to helping you understand what it is so you can best cultivate your questions to make the best experience for your reading.    Most Tarot Readers have other gifts as well and use the cards as a tool to clarify the information they are getting for you.  Read the About Me page for more on me, it is important to know whom you are letting into your private space.

What's Tarot For

If you have any questions please email me @ VENICEITALYTAROT@GMAIL.COM

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