Not all years are good to move forward with all things, know the timeline you are in to make the best use of your resources, health, wealth, and well being.  Know where your focus is most beneficial.  Be it a Lifelong dream to move to another location, get married, buy a home, sell a home, change careers, education, children, family, health routine, anything.  We can weigh up options as well, pros vs cons, benefits vs detriments, etc.  Some locations are good for certain timelines, lifetimes, seasons, & much more.

Things to Note

Tarot, Cards, Astrology as a Medicinal, Spiritual Life-Styling & The Antiquities


Note  I use this combination above, for most all my offerings to some degree or another – because it works.   Whatever the subject matter


Note   Because I get many 1st time clients who have never had a reading before - With that said -   I'm honored and grateful that you chose me for this experience.

I want to answer this question for you.

What is TAROT READING?   The tarot answers your specific questions. So it's important to take a minute to carefully orchestrate them honestly and in a clear manner, so you get the clarity you seek. (I'm always here to help and will ask if I feel there is something more, I do understand privacy and apprehension)

Because 95% of my client base has built itself around card readings with advice, guidance, and workable Life Styling.  I created the combination above.   We do this with the cards, your birth chart, Spiritual Life Styling & The Antiquities. When you know your energetic makeup & your polarity points, you’ve now got a solid foundation to stand on.

Note  Why I use polarity points?

Because somewhere “in-between”  need & desire, to create anything, to change any situation, is the attitude that will allow you to produce a quality environment.  It’s always at the polarity point. “in-between”.

If you have any questions please email me @ VENICEITALYTAROT@GMAIL.COM

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